Eric Vereerstraeten: Who am I ?

Born in Brussels, Capital of Europe.

My career started in 1985 when I became pilot for a major European airline.

I served 3 years as Boeing 737 Copilot on European domestic flights.

I spent 4 years as DC10 Copilot on long haul flights ( America - Africa - Asia ) where I came in touch with different cultures. Some places I visited are still present in my memory: Japan, Singapore, India, Africa as a whole, United-States ( in particular Alaska, Chicago, Los-Angeles, Boston ) and last but not least, Canada.

In 1992, I've been promoted Boeing 737 Captain, back on European flights.

I was born in Belgium, I'm a European citizen, but my home is this small planet we are all living on.

During my spare time, I play with computers. I bought my first one in 1984, a ZX-Spectrum. I found the source code in Basic of a small flight simulator. Since then, I've improved this program on and on, first in Basic then in C. I was fascinated by it !

A flight simulation software is very complex, touching a wide variety of programming fields:

ADI instrument

With this background, I shifted my interests, in the first months of 1995, towards Artificial Intelligence.

During 8 months, I've studied AI from a global point of view: What is intelligence? How can we model it ?

The pages of this site are the result of this personal research.

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