Update: March 12, 1996

What is memory?

Memory is the support of intelligence.

Intelligence is memory that organizes itself.

Ideas and thinking are pieces of memory too.

We live with the illusion that there is one physical world out there. In fact, we all live in separate worlds re-created in our memory. We all have different perceptions of reality which are the source of uncomprehension, disputes, leading to violence, wars, ...

Each of us lives in his or her virtual world. I don't see why it would be different with I-Agents.

So, I suggest that future I-Agents should be programmed with universal values recognized by most people on this planet. This is to maintain the basis for a dialog and to avoid virtual conflicts, damages, losses, inefficiency.

The Outer World

Here you will find the elements and sub-elements that are commonly named the outside world. They are not exhaustively listed but are presented here as a quick reference index for the I-Agent designer.


A person or an I-Agent.


An Object.


A place.


A time.


A manner.


A number.


A goal.

The Inner World

The Inner World is what we feel from the inside.

For a human, it is the perceptions of his or her own body, of his or her states of mind, of his or her own feelings.

Thinking comes from the inside if you are intelligent. Otherwise, someone outside is doing the job for you.

For a man made system, the Inner World is the perception of its subsystems, of its mechanical parts or software functions.

In an airplane, you have a general warning system advising the crew, with an alert light or sound, that there is a problem inside, for example: an engine fire or a hydraulic failure.

In a computer program, you can have flags, status codes, modes of operation indicating how well the system itself is doing.

The most advanced perception for a human or an I-Agent might be to think that he his thinking, to observe the process of his own thinking.

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