Los Gigantes

About this image.

On September 1492, Christopher Columbus was probably watching these cliffs situated north west of the Tenerife Island, along the west coast of Africa. He was about to make his giant step across the ocean for the first time.

These cliffs are named "Los Gigantes".

What better symbol for the Old World that he was to leave behind.

On the other side of this wild ocean, still unknown to him, lay what was later called America.

Today, like Christopher Columbus, we are facing a wild ocean. Behind us, the only solid things we see are the dead giants of the past: old ways of thinking, old ways of structuring oneís mind, old ways of organizing a company or a human society. The Internet and to an even greater extent the emergence of intelligent agents will break these to pieces. What we are facing here is a really big thing.

Columbus hopefully had navigator tools.

My purpose here is to give you some navigator tools for this other ocean to cross.

Each time we navigate or we explore the Web, letís remember this great precursor.

Eric Vereerstraeten

October 9, 1996

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