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Eric Vereerstraeten

Update: March 6, 1997

Electronic life forms are taking shape: viruses, worms, virtual robots. Assistants or agents are appearing in new programs, they are now wandering around the web to get you informed of what is going on in the world. Internet is growing very fast and will be present everywhere.

I think that the time is appropriate, right now, to look ahead and to anticipate.

What are the next steps in the field of computer intelligence ?

My opinion is that the best guide to show us the way ahead is something very familiar: the human mind.

Early computer programs were passives. They don't take the initiative, they are acting only after a key stroke or a mouse click.

Advanced programs will act autonomously, with fewer user's inputs.

In this way, these programs will face the same kind of problems as humans:

Webster definition of intelligence .

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